Archaeology Skills Passport


The BAJR Archaeology Skills passport is the way to start your career in archaeology.  Chart your skills.

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Product Description

he wirebound skills passport comes with a protective plastic cover and heavy duty zipper bag for added protection while out and about.
This is the start of your career!

YOU ARE LIMITED TO ONE PER PERSON   – to buy larger numbers, please contact me for postage costs
this is to keep your costs down

The Archaeological Skills Passport will act as a record of practical training during your early career development as an undergraduate or volunteer.

datacardsIn addition, our friends at Past Horizons sell a complementary Data Skill Card set.

It has been designed to document the main skills you will require to gain employment as a professional archaeologist.  Although the Passport lays out many of the key skills, it is not intended to be exhaustive.

There are many other skills that can be gained and these may be recorded in the Tertiary Skills section and/or the Continual Professional Development (CPD) log.This and the Personal Development Plan (PDP) will aid membership of a suitable professional organisation like the CIfA (Institute for Archaeologists).

Responsibility for training

During training or whilst undertaking a practical course it is your responsibility to ask the appropriate person to sign off and date the relevant skills in your passport.

That could be a supervisor, trainer, site director or course tutor.

The Archaeology Skills Passport is now endorsed by

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In addition, All the larger Archaeological Contractors have agreed to accept the Passport as proof of competence and to endorse skills gained while employed.

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